Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a Tenant Rep or Real Estate Advisor?

In short, it is all about who is your advocate, and do they have either direct or indirect conflicts of interest. Listing brokers have a fiduciary responsibility to the ownership and your Tenant Rep or Real Estate Advisor owes it to you.

Why use a smaller boutique real estate firm?

Larger firms may have more brokers and agents; however, the following applies universally: The team working on your specific project are the only members of that organization that really have any interest in your success. Additionally, they will likely have several other conflicts of interest either directly or indirectly through various other business pursuits.

What is SIOR?

The SOCIETY OF INDUSTRIAL AND OFFICE REALTORS®, is the leading global professional office and industrial real estate association.

  • SIOR has more than 3,200 members in 685 cities and 36 countries.
  • SIOR represents today’s most knowledgeable, experienced and successful commercial real estate brokerage specialists.
  • Real estate professionals who have earned the SIOR designation are recognized by corporate real estate executives, commercial real estate brokers, agents, lenders, and other real estate professionals as the most capable and experienced brokerage practitioners in any market.

Where are you able to assist?

We have done projects throughout our careers around the entire United States, North & South America, Europe and Asia.

How do you run multiple or extended market transactions?

Through our relationships and professional connections via SIOR we can support most projects around the globe by providing local connectivity in the transacting market as well as with you, our client. This approach allows you to have accountability locally and ensures that “best in class” providers are available to you regardless of the flag or business card they carry.

Who is going to be your point of contact?

The individual you have confidence in and has built a relationship with you, our client, will be a primary point of contact. It will be their responsibility to also make sure with our entire team that you have “best in class” providers all throughout the project. You will not be assigned to someone in another market who you do not know or have a relationship with regardless of the project size. The Brookshire Co.’s relationship with you is our highest priority.

Are you hiring?

Yes. We are seeking real estate professionals who are dedicated to service, focused on excellence, committed to making relationships, things and projects better as well as a service above self-approach to business and life.

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