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Too often companies sign leases or re-sign their lease without exploring options for improvements, build outs, more favorable terms and so much more. You owe it to yourself and your business to go into these negotiations with a commercial real estate professional on your team. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find office space in your ideal location and price range. We’ll leverage our experience and relationships to negotiate the best possible lease on your behalf.

At The Brookshire Company, our promise to you is that we will only represent one side of the negotiation. We work for you. While many of the large commercial brokers think they can represent the building and the tenant, we think that’s a conflict of interest and in the end the tenant always loses in that conflict.

We are an agile team of professionals who have all the big shop experience any business, of any size could need – in a team that has the passion to handle every deal as if it were the only one. At The Brookshire Co., every client is a big client.


Analysis: In this part of the process, we help our clients understand the market conditions and opportunities that could fit their needs:

  • Current space availabilities and upcoming opportunities in their local market
  • Current market conditions and possible alternatives such as build to suit and purchase options
  • Proposed pricing and concession packages
  • Based on client input, we determine the overall direction for the clients space needs
  • In depth review of market conditions, developments, relocations or foreclosures that could impact the site selection


Option Review: During our review phase, we begin looking at options and provide:

  • Market Surveys
  • Building Tours
  • Proposal requests sent to prospective landlords
  • Preliminary Discussions with Building Owners
  • Property Evaluation
  • Cost Projections and Financial Analysis
  • Structure Final Transaction
  • Negotiate and Review final offerings
  • Approval


Negotiation and Implementation: Throughout the final phase of the process, we will document all findings and agreements for reviewal by both parties. We work closely with our client and their legal counsel through the negotiation and final documentation. When applicable, we will work with the clients’ professional partners- such as architects, designers, space planners and engineers throughout the build-out and move-in period and provide Project and Construction Management expertise as needed.

Why Tenant and Owner Representation?

In order for you, the space user, to get the best solution for your space requirements, you need to level the playing field. Which means you need to come to the negotiations with the same information the landlord’s representative has. In other words, the landlord is represented by a professional, so why wouldn’t you be.

Perhaps you think if you call the name on the “for lease” sign, you’re getting all the representation you need. To the contrary, that person is working for the landlord and does not have your best interest in mind.

So, whether you’re looking to rent a single location, renewing a lease or looking for multiple locations throughout the United States, you need access to the same market information, expertise and negotiation firepower that the landlord has.

You need a Tenant Rep in your corner that understands your business objectives, such as controlling occupancy costs, customer perception, employee recruitment and retention, production efficiencies or access to shipping or highways. The right Tenant Rep will bring creative solutions, market knowledge, sophisticated research, and the ability to negotiate exclusively on your behalf.

At The Brookshire Company, we work with our clients to provide thoughtful direction on important decisions involving lease renewals, relocation or expansion, downsizing or consolidation, adding locations or site selection. Our expertise makes it possible to have all the information you need to make a confident decision in today’s complex business environment.


Acquisition Services through lease or purchase representation.

  • Identify needs and requirements
  • Survey market
  • Site visits
  • Assess market values
  • Negotiation services


Assistance with:

  • Property sale
  • Subletting
  • Lease termination


Assistance with:

  • Property tax appeals – expert
  • Survey market – Site selection
    for new office, manufacturing,
    or warehouse facilities
  • Broker opinions of value

Development & Re-Development Expertise

Assistance with:

  • Industrial, commercial, and
    mixed – use experience
  • Distressed property opportunities
  • Evaluation, assessment, and

Project & Construction Management

Assistance with:

  • Transition after Acquisition
  • Client liaison and advocate
  • Identify Scope, Deliverables,
    Budget and Schedule
  • Vendor selection and management
    – (G.C., architects, builders, furniture,technology, etc.)

Tax Abatement

Expert evaluation of potential reduction in or an exemption of the level of taxation exposure.

When a business owner or investor sells a piece of property, the taxes on that sale can be significant. Using a 1031 Exchange can help you defer tax payments, under qualifying circumstances.

Partnership + Excellence

“I’ve known and work with Mr. Norton for well over 10 years. He has deep experience and expertise across multiple property types from traditional office to warehouse and production. He is also highly knowledgeable in investment properties and the perspective investors have on commercial buildings.

When Gerry and his team are on-point with a client project there is a clear sense that they are deeply committed to achieving client goals. He is highly responsive to client needs for communication and information flow.

Gerry has seen multiple industries and situations, and listens to each clients’ needs, so is able to understand the specific requirement needed for the business at hand. He effectively communicates these needs to building owners in a negotiation resulting in a lease agreement well suited to client needs.”

Tomlinson — former CEO of Alliance Healthcare

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