Anita Oliva

Strategy, Marketing, Project and Construction Management


Anita Oliva
Strategy, Marketing, Project and Construction Management

A visionary, with a passion for people, Anita utilizes her ability to work at the individual and corporate level to connect and sustain communication and results excellence. Her creative techniques allow recipients to uncover what they need to thrive individually so they can contribute collectively to a personal or business goal. Whether as an Executive, Individual or Group Coach, Speaker, or Consultant—uncovering barriers and discovering solutions that propel individuals and organizations forward is what Anita does best. Proper execution of those solutions is her differentiator.

Drawing from her skillset of engaging with and encouraging community— beyond her work, Anita seeks speaking and coaching opportunities with individuals and groups of any size. Anita’s diverse corporate background as a small business owner, and in the financial, pharmaceutical and insurance industries, enables her to master business and life principles, which are the bedrock of her philosophy.

Get to know Anita

  1. What are one of your favorite quotes? Why? There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, And you ask What if I Fall? Oh but my darling, What if You Fly? – Erin Hanson
  2. What’s your favorite movie? White Christmas
  3. Sport? Baseball
  4. What do you do for fun? Spend quality time with the people I love.
  5. Favorite Food? Cuban
  6. What do you do during down time or on the weekends? My best weekends are when I can rest, rejuvenate and spend time with family and friends.
  1. Where have you travelled? My most memorable would be Spain, West Africa and of course CUBA where I have many family members.
  2. Where would you like to travel to? Throughout Europe
  3. Dogs or Cats? Dogs
  4. When you were young, what did you want to be/do when you grew up? A Racecar Driver
  5. Favorite athlete? Musician? Movie star? My Father is my favorite athlete. My brother is my favorite musician. Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress.