Michael Anderstrom

Life Sciences and Specialty Manufacturing Real Estate - Multiple Markets


Michael Anderstrom
Life Sciences and Specialty Manufacturing Real Estate - Multiple Markets

Michael Anderstrom is a seasoned business development professional with over 10 years experience in consulting services and sales.

A graduate of University of Northwestern – St. Paul, with a B.S. in Business Marketing, Michael first experience in real estate came in 2005 while working for a General Contractor. For several years, he was trained and mentored directly by the company owner in construction and renovation projects. As his professional career progressed, he remained passionate and knowledgeable about the real estate industry.

In 2009, Michael gained 4 years of valuable client facing experience with DJO Global, a large medical device company, managing thousands of medical device clients and devices while generating sales revenue through multiple product lines. He learned significant discipline and organization, making over 100 client phone calls every day and handling paperwork for patients and clinics.

In 2013, Michael joined the Regulatory and Clinical Research Institute (RCRI), a business consulting firm in Minneapolis. As Manager of Business Development, he scouted potential projects with clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of vision and needs, and created an actionable strategy and timeline to deliver an accurate and long-term solution, utilizing company expertise to implement and complete the project. He negotiated and closed hundreds of new client deals and contracts with executive level clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, adding several million dollars in new revenue to the firm annually.

Michael’s rare blend of client facing professionalism, service orientation, and passion for the real estate industry make him a valuable resource for commercial space representation, negotiation, and support.

Get to know Michael

  1. What are one of your favorite quotes? Why? “I’m not superstitious… but I am a little stitious” – Michael Scott / The Office
  2. What would you like to learn how to do? Play the drums!
  3. Hobby? Carpentry and renovation projects.
  4. Sport? Basketball
  5. Last book you read? Takeaway? Rich Dad Poor Dad. Takeaway – buy assets, not liabilities.
  6. Favorite TV show? The Office
  7. What do you do for fun? Boundary Waters adventures
  8. Favorite Food? Steak
  1. What do you do during down time or on the weekends? Play make-believe with my kids.
  2. Where have you travelled? Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico and Nova Scotia.
  3. Where would you like to travel to? Banff National Park, Quetico, Alaska
  4. Dogs or Cats? Never again
  5. Hidden Talents? Guitar, harmonica, vocals and a very realistic goose call.
  6. When you were young, what did you want to be/do when you grew up? Play in the NBA.
  7. Favorite Athlete? Musician? Movie Star? Lebron James and Meghan Trainor is all I need.