The Situation

As the labor market continues to remain competitive, the physical space an organization offers is becoming critical to the recruitment and retention of young talent. The days of a decent office in a business tower or park are now overshadowed by the “cool” factor, location and amenities offered. Today’s reasoning is to recruit and retain young professionals you have to offer a location that is attractive and an environment that makes employees feel at home.

This is the situation one or our Iowa base manufacturers confronted recently.

Our client has their primary office in an outstate location that offers the peace and tranquility of a rural setting with all the idyllic charm one could hope for. But upon closer examination this setting is a detriment to attracting the young talent the organization needs to continue to move their brand forward.

The client had learned from an acquaintance how other rural organizations were overcoming this obstacle. By opening offices in desirable metro locations they increased their number of applicants from just a handful to several hundred qualified prospects.

The Solution

  • We identified potential markets with deep talent pools or that would be attractive to young talent.
  • Identified areas of town that are attractive to young talent and offer the amenities they seek.
  • Advised client on space needs and the amenities needed to attract and retain the young professionals they we hoping for.
  • Negotiated the square footage needs, build out dollars and the lease terms on behalf of our client.

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