The Situation

We entered into a lease renewal negotiation on behalf of our client only to find that the two parties interests weren’t even remotely aligned. We were fighting the headwinds of a hot real estate market on the one hand and the needs of a client that were diametrically opposed to the landlord on the other. The client was looking for a long-term lease in order to provide a stable platform to grow from while at the same time they wanted options that would protect them in case their growth projections were out of reach. Obviously, the landlord wasn’t in the mood.

The Solution

By studying and understanding the clients business and their growth goals, we were able to build a long term lease that satisfied both parties needs.

By working with the landlord we were able to soften their position enough to secure a couple of stipulations that put our client at ease.

Through our understanding of local commercial real estate, we saw a swing in the market that opened up new possibilities within the lease parameters.

We were able to negotiate something from the landlord that appears unusual, but by understanding both parties we were able to meet their operational goals.

With a little digging and a little understanding of our clients business, we were able to look beyond the ordinary features of a long term lease and discover how real estate fits into their goals and how those goals aligned with the landlords needs.

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