The Situation

This opportunity was all about paying your dues to get started. In this scenario, we’re working with a variety of Independent Financial Planners who are hoping to secure small office space leases to hang their own shingle. Of course, this is the kind of work that none of the big boys and big shops in commercial real estate want. But when you dig into the opportunity, you find this is exactly why you want to be in the Tenant Rep world. Here you’re working with entrepreneurs who are striving to get their own financial planning business up and running. These are people that are taking a huge leap in their careers and you get to be involved in all the passion, excitement and worry that comes with jumping out of the arms of security and into the unknown.

The Solution

You work your butt off and find them the perfect location that will prove their professionalism and give them a bit of store front presence.
You negotiate the terms and lease as if your own life depended on it.
You don’t make much money, but you’re hoping these eagles soar and take you with them.
You’re hoping that when these guys talk real estate with clients and friends they remember who it was that worked so hard to get them their first spot.
But in the end you do it because it’s the right thing to do and you love doing it. You help people find commercial real estate and negotiate the best terms and amenities you can because at the end of the day — you love it.

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