These communities often have the space, people, and incentives to accelerate a business’ growth, and they welcome companies with open arms.

Then we begin the process of getting these businesses introduced to our members. This often includes having the company present their opportunity to our members at one of 3 match-making events we sponsor annually.

Additionally, we’ve built a reputation for helping companies to discover communities that embrace them with open arms, support their growth or expansion goals, and much more.

Economic Development professionals from communities throughout the Midwest region have joined CVN to be exposed to qualified business development leads. Their membership in CVN ensures they are exposed to a steady flow of high-quality business development opportunities they may never see on their own.

If you’d like to know more about how CVN can help bring business to your community, or our peer-to-peer networking opportunities, our Economic development resources, or our rural advocacy programs, contact Justin Erickson today at the link below:

The support group for growing businesses.

CVN is always looking for businesses that want to grow and are open to conversations with rural communities. We use a variety of tools to assess labor pools in different areas. We can help you determine where you’ll find the highest concentration of your ideal labor profile or help you find markets that offer the perfect candidates for retraining. We also understand federal, state, and local incentives in each area and where you’ll find the ideal properties for your business. With Brookshire/CVN, we provide a turnkey system to find your home in the country… or nearby.

Nobody knows real estate, rural America, and relocation like Brookshire CVN. So if you’re thinking about expanding or relocating… if we’re not your first call, we should at least be your second opinion. Contact Gerry Norton with the button below.