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Founded in 1991, Community Venture Network is a platform which connects growing businesses with non-metro communities to explore expansion possibilities. Many companies want to explore locations where operating costs are lower, a good labor force with strong work ethic exists, there are robust financial incentives to fuel growth and there is wide civic support. Whether through growth or relocation, CVN connects companies with communities who offer all these attributes.

Often, businesses are unaware of ‘out-state communities’ interest in working with them or they simply don’t know where to begin – that’s where CVN excels.

As a membership-based program, CVN is underwritten through community membership, thus companies can explore options across 7 states of the Midwest to see which communities and states can meet their needs.

Meet Justin Erickson, Economic Development and Labor Specialist
For over 15 years Justin has been instrumental in helping a variety of companies find the right state and the perfect city for their expansion or relocation needs.

Partnership + Excellence

Justin has provided us with a wealth of knowledge regarding both who to talk to and ask about things, prodding us to get our targets done, making sure everyone is on the same page, and acting as a filter between ourselves and financiers or community reps when we didn’t need to be directly involved. Additionally, the world of governmental and regional funding is specialized and localized. He speaks the language (literally) and is familiar with what each area has to offer. He found us a form of funding I am confident we would never have found ourselves (a very good one at that), and greased the line for us, even to the point of helping us fill out our documents for the loan. Additionally, since he knows who these people are and is a third party, he can ask about expectations from the financiers that it would sort of be inappropriate for us to ask directly and does so. This helps us put our best foot forward. The best part about Justin is that he is willing to communicate, and fight for us and ask the tough questions, while shielding us from unnecessary chaff, and making us look good.

Alex Walker, Operations Officer, Mercury Mosaics

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