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Incentive programs are ever changing and much like tax code, it’s important to be up to date on knowing what a company may qualify for – and what they won’t – and know that incentives are available only to those companies who know how to navigate the various organizations offering these incentives as they are never offered, but rather must be requested.

To assume one’s project is too small, that they aren’t expanding to a new state, etc… are rarely reasons companies aren’t eligible.

At The Brookshire Company, we can help you understand the limited, but critical, information needed to quantify your scope of project to assess all Local, Regional, State and Federal, financial incentive programs.

For 15 years, Justin Erickson has worked in the world of Site Selection and Economic Development & Incentives. He stays current on all trends and changes within the industry and ‘speaks the language’ of the public sector entities who award these programs. Any company looking to expand the physical footprint, capital equipment investment or labor force is leaving potentially significant financial benefit on the table if they aren’t exploring incentive programs.

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Meet Justin Erickson, Economic Development and Labor Specialist
For over 15 years Justin has been instrumental in helping a variety of companies find the right state and the perfect city for their expansion or relocation needs.

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