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For years, The Brookshire Company has assisted individuals and companies alike in the pursuit of real estate investments, tax abatement and 1031 exchange opportunities.

There are many benefits to investing in real estate. With the right asset, chosen by the right team of professionals, investors can experience regular cash flow, successful returns, tax benefits and portfolio diversification.

Revel Investments, a strategic partner of The Brookshire Co., is a sponsor and manager of private real estate investment offerings for accredited investors and institutions seeking income-orientated alternatives to public markets.

Opportunities with Brookshire Co. may include value-add opportunities, and potential land contributions to development opportunities. The partnership complements both companies as Revel’s investors have access to off-market industrial opportunities from Brookshire Co. and Brookshire Co. corporate clients have access to additional financing opportunities through Revel Investments.

Together, The Brookshire Company and Revel are focused on acquiring stabilized creative-office and industrial properties with high-occupancy rates, while simultaneously taking a developer-agnostic approach to opportunistic ground-up developments. We rely on strong asset management, impactful upgrades and partnering with keen developers to derive the most value from each equity investment.

With each acquisition, we are dedicated to growing a portfolio of well-diversified holdings that include cash-flowing office, industrial and multi-family projects with strong relative-value returns that target 18%-22% IRR and 1.8X-2.2X multiples over 5 years.

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